British Ishinryu Karate

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The style devised and led by sensei Ticky Donovan 10th Dan OBE.

Established for 50 years, our association runs a number of clubs around East London and Essex.

Ishinryu Dojos can also be found in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA.

2024 Ishinryu Events

2024 Summer Course Front Cover

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Renew my Licence - More Detail

Everyone training in an Ishinryu Dojo MUST have an active licence.  Your licence must be renewed every year.

  • Your licence includes your membership to the EKF – our governing body.
  • Your licence includes 3rd party insurance. If you are unlicensed you are uninsured to train and you put yourself, other students, and your instructors and club at risk.

If you have taken a training break (as confirmed by your club instructor) your licence will restart from the month you resumed.

New to Ishinryu?
New students must register before buying a licence.
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Registration - More Detail

If you are new to Ishinryu we need some brief details about you.

These details will be shared with our governing body (the EKF) but with no one else.

Only club instructors can see your contact details.

By registering, you give Ishinryu permission to hold your details here.

Manage your club students
Login to see your club reports.
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Login - More Detail
Club instructors may wish to login to check the licence status of their students.  You can also see student contact details.

This information is restricted to Club Instructors only – hence the need to login.

Your login id is your email address. Your password can be reset here.

All students may also login as above.  Students are able to check and update their own details.

2024 Ishinryu Events

  • Spring Pre-Grading Course – Saturday, 24th February
  • Spring General Grading – Saturday, 9th March
  • Summer Course – Saturday/Sunday 22nd/23rd June
  • One Day Course – Saturday, 5th October
  • Winter Pre-Grading Course – Saturday, 23rd November
  • Winter General Grading – Saturday, 7th December
  • Christmas party – Saturday 14th December

The Summer Course will be held at William Edwards School in Grays.  All other events will be held at the Cranham Dojo.

Each year Ishinryu clubs get the opportunity to train together at Ishinryu wide courses and events. Other karate styles are also welcome to attend.  The UK annual timetable runs as follows:

  • February or March – One day Pre-grading course for ALL grades.
  • June – The Open Summer Course runs over a weekend and has been presented every year since the mid seventies (except for Covid lock downs in 2020 and 2021).
  • October – One Day course.  ALL grades welcome for a day of intensive training.
  • November – One day Pre-grading course for ALL grades.

General gradings are held in March, June, and December of each year.  You must attend the entire Summer Course to grade in June

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Ishinryu News

About Ishinryu Karate

Ishinryu blends a number of karate styles including Kyokushinkai, Wado-ryu and Shotokan.

About Ticky Donovan OBE

Ishinryu was founded in 1973 by Ticky Donovan OBE (10th Dan) who continues to head the style today.

2023 Summer Course

The Open Summer Course

2023 celebrates 50 years of Ishinryu, with the Summer Course featuring almost every year (Covid permitting).  The Ishinryu Open Summer Course is a firm fixture on the UK karate calendar.