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Ishinryu have a long and proud record in competition.  From participation in team GB, as they prepare for the 2020 Olympics, through to the support of local competitions for all ages and grades, Ishinryu continues to support Sport Karate. This page will aim to report on all aspects of Ishinryu competition.

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Led by coach Sensei Tony Dean (5th Dan) Ishinryu were represented by a small team of six karateka from three Ishinryu clubs (Barking Abbey, Rayleigh and Woodlane).  A small team, but they finished the day with six medals – an outstanding result.

The Results:

  • Jude (Rayleigh) – Gold in Kyu grade Kata and Silver in Brown and Black Belt Kata. Also Silver in Boys Kyu grade Kumite.
  • Sam (Woodlane) -Bronze in Brown and Black Belt Kata
  • Steve Martin (Woodlane) – Bronze in Senior Brown and Black Belt Kata
  • Neil Curtis (Rayleigh) – Silver in Men’s Kumite

Ishinryu success in this event clearly demonstrates the value of the squad training, kicked off by sensei Tony Dean earlier this year.  We plan to hold a further squad session on November 10th (at the Woodlane Dojo, Midday start) in preparation for an upcoming competition in Basildon on November 25th.

A big thanks to Tony for organising and coaching the Ishinryu team at this event, not forgetting the able assistance of Tabitha Dean on the day.  Seen here with star of the day Jude, with his three medals from the event.

Coaches sensei Tony Dean and Tabitha along with Jude

Squad Training 2018

In 2018 Sensei Tony Dean started an initiative to increase Ishinryu participation in competition.

The first squad training session took place on Sunday 20 May and featured squad coaches Steve and Chris Karwakinski.  A further session was held on 22 September.  A further session will be announced for November.

The squad sessions are open to all grades, both junior and senior, and cover Kumite and Kata.  Look out for further dates soon.

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