December General Grading

7 December 2014
General Grading will be held on Sunday 7 December at the Barking Abbey Dojo. Check in at least 30 minutes before grading.  Students must have a current licence to grade and must wear Ishinryu badges.

Time Price
 Check in 11:30 a.m.
 Grading to 4th Kyu (Green) 12:00 Midday £25
 Grading to 3rd Kyu (Blue) 1.00 p.m. £25
 Grading to 2nd Kyu (Brown) 1.00 p.m £25
 Grading to 1st Kyu (Brown Stripe) 1.00 p.m. £30
 Grading to 1st Dan 2.00 p.m. £50
 Grading to 2nd Dan 2.00 p.m. £60
 Grading to 3rd Dan 2.00 p.m. £75