Help get Ishinryu to the Olympics

Chris and Kate Karwacinski

Kate and Chris Karwackinski both compete at international level and need to attend and compete at various compulsory Olympic Qualification Tournaments to be selected.  Both are self funded.  Please support them (and Ishinryu) by donating whatever you can to gofundme  

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Karate has always been a passion for our family and my and my brother’s achievements to date have given us the real possibility and dream that we could represent our country at the Olympic Games in Japan 2020. The Official Olympic Qualification Tournaments, which begin in September of this year, are paramount to achieving sufficient world ranking points to achieve this dream.

Having been fully self-funded within our competition careers thus far, we have always relied on the bank of ‘mum and dad’ and in addition all of our money is directed into paying for our numerous domestic and international competitions and the travel, accommodation, equipment, entry fees etc. involved. To give some idea of the level of commitment needed to travel and compete in these qualifying competitions, we have worked to compete, this year alone, at venues as far afield as Paris and Holland to Morocco and Dubai…you can imagine the expense for two self-funded athletes. Although this is a constant struggle, we continue because we are passionate about what we do. However, with a lot of encouragement from friends and family, we have decided to ask those who felt they could possibly help us, to contribute, however little, in helping us achieve our dream, whether this is a financial contribution or, by simply sharing our story with others who may be able to offer us a helping hand.

Story to date
I was selected to represent England at 14 years old and have now been a member of the Junior and Senior England Karate Team for the last 10 years representing my country in Individual kumite, team kumite and team kata at European and World Level.  I have achieved 3 European Bronze Medals at Junior and U21 level and have achieved a Bronze Medal in a prestigious Senior Karate1 Premier League Tournament. At the beginning of 2018 I was ranked 18th in the world and am currently the highest ranked GB athlete within my category.

My brother Chris was selected for the England Karate Team also at 14 years old and has continued to gain selection for his country to date in both Individual and Team Kata at European and World Level. He is now within the top 40 in World rankings, the highest ranked GB Kata athlete across both male and female kata. He is multiple English and British Champion.

How might you help
An example of the outlay needed for two individual qualification tournaments self-funded in the last year gives some idea of the cost to each of us in simply being present at one of these compulsory and prestigious competitions. Overall cost per athlete for Dutch Karate1 Premier League – £650 per athlete. Dubai Karate 1 Premier League – £1,500 per athlete.

We both work every hour possible, whilst trying not to compromise our training regimes, in order to maintain our competition attendance. We are happy and willing to continue to sacrifice to strive towards our ultimate goal. However, we would appreciate any help you think you may be able to give us to ensure we are able to attend and compete at these compulsory Olympic Qualification Tournaments.

We would both be so grateful for any financial support or help you could offer.

 Kate & Chris Karwacinski