Ishinryu Voices – A History of Ishinryu

WhatsApp and Facebook provide a fast and convenient way for the Ishinryu community to talk outside the Dojo.  This website can never compete with that immediacy.  This got me thinking about making the best use of this site o add value for our members..  This website already has an archive of images.  I want to build on this and I am asking for your help.

Please send me those old photos; those old Summer Camp flyers; pictures of older memorabilia – anything you have.  Above all, I’d love to hear your own stories and your own experience of Ishinryu.  Over the years, I’ve heard some amazing stories by word of mouth – let’s get some of these stories recorded here for posterity (and our newer membership).

With the 50th anniversary of Ishinryu fast approaching, I want to formally kick-off the Ishinryu Voices project, and YOURS are the voices I need to hear from.

Ishinryu has a rich and fascinating history – let’s get together and tell that story for everyone – especially newer students and those yet to join.  They should know that they have joined more than just a Karate association – they have joined a very special organization.

Please email your stories and photos to  We’ll get them displayed on this site very soon.