Ishinryu Membership – Frequently  Asked Questions

How do I become a member of Ishinryu?

To be a member of Ishinryu you must hold a current Ishinryu licence.  Licences last for 12 months.

If I register here will I have to buy a licence on-line?

No.  If you prefer, you can use a paper application form and pay by cash or cheque at your Club, or through the post using the address on the form.

How do I get a licence?

  1. Register your details on the Registration page
  2. Once successfully registered, Login to this site and buy a licence

How much does a licence cost?

A senior licence costs £30.  Students under 16 years of age may buy a Junior licence at £25.

How do I get a Black Book?

Students new to Ishinryu will automatically receive a Black Book with their first licence.  This book is used to hold your pink licence slip and records your grading progress, course attendances, and other notable Karate milestones.

What if I lose my Black Book?

DON’T LOSE IT!  If you do, you will lose a valuable record of your progress within Ishinryu.  If it does get lost, you must purchase another at the Ishinryu Shop.  Only your first Black Book is free.

I only have one email, but I need to register more than one family member

All students login to this site with their email.  This is fine unless there are multiple family members needing to register, but with only a single email.  Also, younger children don’t usually have their own email.

If you are in this situation please email me at  I will create an Ishinryu email for you of the format to be used as your login.  This is a fully functioning email address that you can use independently of the site if you chose.  It can also be forwarded to another email address; for example, in the case of children, I will forward their Ishinryu email to an email used by a parent or guardian.


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