Licence Slip

Within 7-days of purchase you will receive a completed pink slip licence in the post.  This should be kept safe with your black book.

Sample Blank Licence

You are fully licensed as soon as your payment clears.  Your pink slip will confirm this when it arrives.


If you have an active subscription the details will show below.

You can only have one Senior and one Junior subscription associated with a single account. Junior subscriptions are only available to students under 16 years of age.

Senior Licence Subscription 

[pms-subscriptions subscription_plans=”16189″]

Junior Licence Subscription

[pms-subscriptions subscription_plans=”16384 “]

Licence Book

If this is your first Ishinryu Licence you will also receive a black licence book. Please take good care of it.

Ishinryu Licence Book

Your book is used to record all future gradings, course attendance and other achievements.