Welcome Back to Ishinryu

Find your Club

Select your club below to find training times, locations and other detail.  While we would expect you to return to the club you last trained at, you may have changed address, or you may have another reason to select a different club.  The choice is yours.

Note that Hombu training is additional to club training.  You must be registered with a club before you can train at the Hombu.

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2022 Events

We expect to run a full set of events in 2022. Here are the dates we are planning towards:
• Spring Pre-Grading Course (Saturday 12th March)
• Spring General Grading (Saturday 26th March)
• Summer Course (Weekend of June 25 and June 26)
• One Day Course (Saturday 22nd October)
• Winter Pre-Grading Course (Saturday 19th November)
• Winter General Grading (Saturday 3rd December)
It’s early days and these dates could change. We plan to hold all the one day events at Cranham.
For the Summer Course, please make sure you join our separate Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/Ishinryusummercamp We haven’t seen a Summer Course since 2019, and we’ll shortly be asking the membership for input for the 2022 Course.

Getting Licenced

As always, you need a current licence to train in any Ishinryu Dojo.

You can purchase a licence using the button below.  No Login or Password required.

If you last trained before 2014 we may not have your details.  Please register using the button below before buying your licence.

Still have Questions?

You can contact us on members@ishinryu.org or call 0773 654554 and ask for Ishinryu Karate.  Or just fill in the form below to send us an email

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